Did You Know What Makes You Feel

Lighter & Younger, More Athletic, Reduces Stiffness & Soreness, Releases Tension And Increase Muscle Recovery?


  • All without being flexible, coordinated, or in shape?
  • Professional personal stretching.
  • That’s right… 1 on 1 personalized stretching.
  • Did you guess it right?

Let me tell you a story

My wife is extremely tight, and she always has been— to the point where it started causing a few different issues from plantar fasciitis in her feet all the way to stressful knots in the traps, shoulder pain, and back & hip pain in between…

Can you relate to any of that? Or know someone who can?

It all started when I decided to put her on a stretch program since that is the only non-drug way to really help or prevent plantar fasciitis. We bought a “Boot”.

If you haven’t heard of a “boot” before it is a device specifically designed to stretch the achilles tendons (which are the tendons attaching to your calf muscles in your heel) while you sleep at night. It’s can be very painful— especially when you have it on all-night-long!

Over time the stretching and boot relieved the pain and tightness.

It got me to thinking “there has got to be a better, more effective, less painful way to help people feel better, give relief, release tension & tightness and prevent injury.

I developed the Release Stretch Method, and since then everything has changed!

The Release Method allows people to relax, while we do all the work for you. Helping you increase your flexibility & range of motion and create a overall better limitless you!

Here is an Offer: I want you to try it out for yourself. So for a short limited time you can try and experience for yourself the higher sense of relaxation & relief, and release your tension & painful knots at a discounted rate.

Come & Be Limitless For Only $29.

That’s right! Come and try out 25 minute essential stretch (normally $50) for only $29.