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ReleaseStretch: Enabling People to live physically limitless through stretching
"Professional Stretching Makes You Feel...
Lighter & Younger, More Athletic, Reduces
Stiffness & Soreness, Releases Tension 
And Increase Recovery!"
(Without being flexible, coordinated, or in shape)
  •  Achieve a higher sense of relaxation & relief
  •  Release tension and stiffness from office work
  •  Faster recovery of sore & overworked muscles
  •  Enhance physical performance & prevent injury
  •  Release your body to a limitless, better you!
Professional Stretching Makes You Feel Lighter & Younger More Athletic... 
Speed Recovery, Reducing And Releases Soreness, Stiffness, Tension, And Pain!
The More You Stretch
The Better You Feel
The Stretches
Administered by a personal flexologist your session will be a customized stretch routine created to fit your individual needs and goals. Whether you want to correct your posture, walk or run with with less pain, weightlifting, perfect that swing on the golf course, or just release tight muscles from sitting at the desk— we can design a session for you.
 25-Min Personal Stretch
Our essential stretch session will center around major muscle groups that are commonly tight such as shoulders, back, core & hips. This will help improve your flexibility, range of motion and alignment while expanding myofascial pathways for greater oxygenation and circulation. The session will alleviate tightness and soreness from sitting at the office, your last run or hike, and enhance muscle recovery from your intense workout.
 50-Min Personal Stretch
Our comprehensive stretch session will include all from the 25 min essential stretch with a deeper and more extensive focus on all the major muscle groups plus limbs, appendage, and smaller groups such as lower thigh, ankle, foot, neck, arms, wrists and more. This will help with overall muscle tightness, stress, stiff joints and improve overall athletic performance leaving you feeling at your best.
Set Your Body Free... Stretch and Release Your Limits!
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